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Photoengraving on polymer film :


This process uses practices and technical know-how as far apart as digital technology, photography and traditional engraving. It combines the immediacy of digital, the patience of film photography and engraving.


It requires several steps:

     - digital transfer of an image onto a transparency

     - positioning of this transparent on a plate on which a photosensitive film has been laminated

     - insolation, development, drying and post-exposure

As with a traditional engraving, the plate is then inked and then pulled manually on a hand press,

which gives it the status of print.


This is a collector's item whose plate (matrix) only allows a limited edition. The quality of the inks and papers used guarantee the permanence of the works identical to that of the engravings of past centuries.


A photoengraving always conceals a kind of mystery to me. The softness and sensuality of the paper used creates a special feeling (very different feeling than glossy paper).

I chose this process because it allows me to be autonomous in my practice. It leaves an important place for surprise and experimentation. Throughout its implementation, there is always a part of chance, accepted and chosen, and I always keep a great curiosity about the result.

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